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How to record Ubuntu Desktop to save as Video ?

If you are looking for sharing some errors / warnings with developers, the best way is to reproduce the steps and share the video.. If you are using Ubuntu, and want to record your screen or alternatively can be called as capture your screen to save as video, you can do it in two ways..

  1. Using key combinations.. Open things which you want to record in full screen and press “Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R”
    1. It records by default only for 30 sec.
    2. After 30 sec, it would stop automatically
    3. Recorded video is stored in “Videos” folder of your user.
    4. This records only as webm file format.

Once you start the recording, on top right corner you will see the recording icon as shown in below image for 30 sec and will stop automatically after 30 sec. After this go to “/home/your_user/Videos” and you can find a file as “Screencast from Tuesday DD Month YYYY HH:MM:SS IST.webm”

2. The another method to record your screen is using “Simple Screen Recorder” application.. You can install it as,

$ sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder

Now, when you want to record the screen, start this simplescreenrecorder application from activities or from command line and just follow below images..

Once you start simplescreenrecorder application, you will see similar window as below, on this you can create a new profile which would then save as default settings, decides how your screen needs to be captured, default auto input and click on Continue.

On the next screen, you can decide the codec’s for your audio and video or can select the predefined “YouTube” profile to record.. , select where your file needs to be saved and click on “Continue”

On the next screen, when you are ready to start recording click “Start Recording”

On the next screen, when you are actively recording you will get an option to “Save Recording” when your recording is done..

Below is the last option, which navigates to main screen..

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