Online tools for Software Developers from ExtendsClass

The ExtendsClass website provides a wealth of free online tools that make work-life easier for developers. No need to install plugin in your browser! Online tools include several fiddles, API clients, code checkers, formatters, validators and more. Within this post we will list some of the more helpful of its utilities. Playgrounds ExtendsClass provides many … Read more

Best Related Post WordPress Plugins

When your blog, website has lots of categories, tags and posts, it always help to show your visitors posts, pages which are related to the page/post the user is visiting currently. For wordpress there are lots of free plugin’s for showing related posts. In this post, we are listing some of the best known plugin’s … Read more

How to setup Jekyll – static website generator on Ubuntu

Jekyll is a static site generator. You give it text written in your favorite markup language and it uses layouts to create a static website. You can tweak how you want the site URLs to look, what data gets displayed on the site, and more. Following steps describes how you can install and setup jekyll … Read more

How to add WordPress Follow Button for Your Website ?


The ultimate success of your website / blog depends, how we will be able to retain, engage the visitors with our website. The user once comes and goes back from our website, its going to be difficult to bring him back ( seems like a lost ) unless user is really in need of visiting … Read more

Solved: ERROR: ErrorException : Array to string conversion

We have two websites, one which is developed with open classifieds and another with WordPress, since WordPress is always updating and recent versions of WordPress demands latest php version for security reasons. We had to update our PHP version from 5.6 to 7.0 for WordPress compatibility, but as we updated PHP version, our bootstrap based … Read more

How to Grant New User Access in Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics

If you are an admin to your one of the websites google analytics account and now for some administrative reasons / monitoring you want to give read only permissions to some different user than you, google analytics allows you to add new email Ids and allow them the required permissions. Normally do not allow an … Read more

How to add Google Analytics to track visitors to website ?

Google Analytics3

If you are developing a new website or you already have some website and want to know how many visitors are visiting your website daily, How is the user behaviour on your website, how many of them are visiting on mobile and much more questions can be answered once you add tracking code provided by … Read more

How to setup Google Adsense Matched Content on your website ?


From our last post, “What is Google Adsense Matched Content and benefits of using it ?” you might have understood how the matched content could look like and its benefits. WIth this post, we will show how to configure/setup your website with matched content Ad unit. Identify if your website is eligible for matched contents … Read more

How to Remove a Website from Google Analytics ?

Select Website

If for some reasons your have overcrowded your google analytics account and now want to cleanup some unused / offline websites, follow the below steps for the same. Before proceeding for removing website, please note, You will loose all history from this domain tracked in analytics Once lost, you can’t recover the data. If this … Read more

Online JSON Formatter, Validator, Editor, Lint, Minify


As we know JSON is one of the most rapidly growing format used for transferring data from one device to another device, hence definitely being a software developer you would have encountered some development work related to JSON. Within this post we will list some of the best online websites / tools we found for … Read more