Enable and disable Bluetooth using adb commands

To enable & disable Bluetooth using below adb commands needs your device to be rooted or if you are working on android development, your android should be userdebug build with root access., Enable Bluetooth Disabled Bluetooth Subscribe with Valid Email Id to receive updates in Inbox. ( Secured by Google FeedBurner )     Open … Read more

Analyse android booting using Bootchart

Bootchart provides CPU and I/O load breakdown of all processes for the whole system. It doesn’t require rebuilding system image and can be used as a quick sanity check before diving into systrace. Install dependencies on Ubuntu Desktop / laptop Download the source code to get the grab-bootchart.sh script from system/core/init from android aosp, Now, … Read more

How to create custom Boot Logo for Android ?

Prerequisite : Before starting, a bootup picture will be needed with below specs: BMP format, should be one of: 16bit RGB565 BMP format 24bit RGB888 BMP format Resolution <= 1080P (1920 * 1080) Here, we will use the centred image with resolution as, 360*360px. Check with your android device what is the resolution its using … Read more

adb reboot – Restart Android without Power Button using ADB

If you want to restart/reboot your Android device connected over adb shell, you can do the the same using “adb reboot” command from Linux/Windows host machine. The Simple “adb reboot” command just restarts your Android mobile/device. Android also supports other options as, Only Restarts your Android device from host. Restarts the android device into recovery … Read more

adb shell command to Turn ON Bluetooth & make it discoverable


We can turn on the Bluetooth using adb command as below, once you type this on your desktop/laptop, Android will prompt the user on Mobile / Android device for allowing permissions to turn ON the bluetooth, like below We can make the Bluetooth Discoverable using adb command as below, Subscribe with Valid Email Id to … Read more

How to generate upload key and keystore for Android App Signing ?

When you are ready to publish your Android Application, you need to sign your app and upload it to an app store, such as Google Play. Following procedure describes how you can generate the upload key and keystore as required for signing your application for releasing app to google play. Note: You will have to … Read more

How to create Adaptive App Icons for Android Application ?

App Icon

Starting Android 8.0 (API level 26) android supports adaptive launcher icons, which can display a variety of shapes across different device models. When a launcher requests an app icon, the framework either returns “android:icon” or “android:roundIcon” as defined in AndroidManifest.xml hence we need to declare both types of icon, “icon” and “roundIcon” in manifest and … Read more

adb shell screenrecord – How to Record Android Device Screen ?

If you want to take Screen Shot of your device, refer post “How to Capture Screenshot in android using adb ?” If you have developed an new app, or want to send someone how one app is behaving on certain screen touches, you will need to record the screen to video. Android provides a commandline … Read more

adb shell screencap – Use ADB to capture the Screen

If you want to take video of screen, refer post “How to Record Screen Video in android using adb ?” If you want to take screen capture of something happening on your phone screen and save it as image to be sent to someone or own reference for analysis, Android provides an utility/command “screencap” using … Read more