Understanding Django project and app binding / architecture


If you have closely followed our two previous posts “Starting webserver using your first simple Django project” and “Writing first Django Application” you will have much ease to understand, how the Django project and Django app are bonded together. We tried to draw the block diagram of this binding as below, The minimum directory structure … Read more

How to access your AWS Linux instance using an SSH client ?

AWS Instance

To access your AWS instance, you will need “.pem” file as generated in “How to start Amazon AWS EC2 Instance ?” Generating “.pem” file required for SSH to your AWS Instance Once you click on “Launch” you will be asked to generate key pair which you can use to “SSH” to your AWS instance. In … Read more

How to start Amazon AWS EC2 Instance ?

Search for “linux” in Amazon Machine Image search and select “Amazon Linux 2 AMI” and click on “Select” Choose an instance “t2.micro” and click on “Review and Launch” On the next window, review your information and click on “Launch” Generating “.pem” file required for SSH to your AWS Instance Once you click on “Launch” you … Read more

How to register for Free usage with Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) ?


Amazon Web Services which we call AWS in simpler form, provides some free services for around one year from the date you registered with AWS. To check which all services are free and what are the terms and condition of free usage can be checked at https://aws.amazon.com/free/ This posts walks you through the registration process … Read more

Solved: DisallowedHost – Invalid HTTP_HOST header

This error is related to “Installing Django and Django-REST Framework on ubuntu” , if you have Django application / server running on local ubuntu host as, Then this server is started with binding to your local loopback IP address and default port as, Now, when you decide to use your IP address instead of local … Read more

Download file to directory using curl – C program

Following C program download some file from remote location to the directory mentioned in program. As an example we are trying to download curl source code from https://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.69.1.tar.gz to /tmp directory as /tmp/curl-7.69.1.tar.gz This c program passes two arguments to function curl_download_file_to_directory, Remote file to download – example https://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.69.1.tar.gz Local File & directory where to … Read more

How to upload JSON using curl http PUT request ?

For uploading JSON using curl http PUT request, we have written a simple script as below. You can also type the command on terminal by replacing with correct definitions as done at the beginning of the script. When we are uploading any JSON using curl http POST, we have to mention the same i.e. JSON … Read more

Writing first Django Application

This post is in continuation with our previous post “Starting webserver using your first simple Django project” , where we showed how we can start the webserver. Now, as we have the webserver running, lets see how we can start an application which will serve the custom built usecase over this webserver. Your apps can … Read more

Starting webserver using your first simple Django project

django project

As you are here, it means you are ready to get started with your first django project. This post is all about this. In this post, we will show you how to create first simple ( default ) django project and start it as a webserver. Note: You can set any directory for virtual environment, … Read more