Top Cloud service providing platforms


Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS is a cloud computing platform. It is a subsidiary of Amazon. It offers IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services. The company sells its unused infrastructure as a services to businesses, or as an offering to customers. The platform also offers database storage and content delivery. … Read more

How to use domain name instead of public DNS / IP in Amazon Linux EC2 instance ?

elastic ip

In this post, we will describe how you can use the domain name like instead of Amazon public IPv4 address or public ipv4 DNS urls like … 1. Login to your AWS console. 2. From dashboard, left sidebar , goto “Network & Security” and click on “Elastic IPs” 3. click on “Allocate Elastic … Read more

How to use sftp on Ubuntu to transfer files to remote server ?

If you have got an SSH/SFTP access to your remote server, but your server doesn’t support SCP, then you will need to use only SFTP to upload or download files from your remote server. here, lets say you want to upload / transfer README.txt from your /home/myuser/workspace/ to remote host, then first change to this … Read more

How to install phpmyadmin in Amazon EC2 Linux Instance ?


This post details, how you can install phpmyadmin which will help you with GUI to create mysql database and database users which are required during installation of your databased based websites such as wordpress. SSH to your AWS Linux 2 EC2 instance as mentioned in “How to access your AWS Linux instance using an SSH … Read more

How to start Amazon AWS EC2 Instance ?

Search for “linux” in Amazon Machine Image search and select “Amazon Linux 2 AMI” and click on “Select” Choose an instance “t2.micro” and click on “Review and Launch” On the next window, review your information and click on “Launch” Generating “.pem” file required for SSH to your AWS Instance Once you click on “Launch” you … Read more

How to access your AWS Linux instance using an SSH client ?

To access your AWS instance, you will need “.pem” file as generated in “How to start Amazon AWS EC2 Instance ?” Generating “.pem” file required for SSH to your AWS Instance Once you click on “Launch” you will be asked to generate key pair which you can use to “SSH” to your AWS instance. In … Read more

How to compile TR-069 Java client Modus-TR-069 on Ubuntu Linux ?

Modus is a Java/OSGi implementation of a generic client for CWMP protocol, i.e. TR-069 standard from Broadband Forum. You can download the code as mentioned at sourceforge website. and you can compile the code as, This will compile the client and generate the binaries as, Now, we will create the final script to run the … Read more

Using cURL to do http GET and POST with JSON and XML data

In our lot of posts here in this website like “Send data using http POST from client and receive response from server using netcat over specific port” where we shows how you can post XML data / payload to server using cURL or “How to fix errors related to REST Http POST & JSON for … Read more

How to register for Free usage with Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) ?


Amazon Web Services which we call AWS in simpler form, provides some free services for around one year from the date you registered with AWS. To check which all services are free and what are the terms and condition of free usage can be checked at This posts walks you through the registration process … Read more