Identify HTML Color codes from Image

Color from Image

We have developed websites to some of the customers, who already had created logo from some Image designer and now they don’t have contact or relations with them. Now, when we need to develop the website, most important is that our websites theme color should match with the colors used in company’s logo. But since … Read more

Top free User registration WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Member It is a membership plugin for WordPress. With the help of this plugin, users can sign-up and become members of your website. This helps users to build their user profile. Users can also create advanced online communities and membership sites using their profile. Basically, this plugin can be used to build any website … Read more

Javascript example to Fetch JSON using http GET

In this post, we describes the simple example of javascript code which is used to get the JSON from remote server ( although we have shown as localhost, you can change it to remote server url ) and print it to browser console. First, lets create the demo json in our server as, Now, we … Read more

How to find Broken Links from your WordPress based Website ?

Broken Links

If you are using WordPress for your website and your website has large number of posts, after some time as you work on your website, you keep changing the URL and hyperlinks which introduces the broken links in your website. Broken links are the URL’s which we have removed from our website but those are … Read more

Measuring code execution time for ARM microcontrollers

If you have written some code in C for the microcontrollers and want to measure time required for the execution of this piece of code, then we can use SysTick Timer by generating time timer interrupts at predefined interval like 1ms as we did here. The System Tick Time (SysTick) generates interrupt requests on a … Read more

How to get the MD5 sum of a file using C program ?

C program from this post is used to calculate the md5 sum of a file and print the md5sum of that file on terminal. ( Originaly copied from android toolbox)compile on ubuntu Above program can be compiled as, Now run the program with name & path of file, so we can get md5sum on terminal. … Read more

HTML Text Links / Hyperlinks – Example

When we want some users to click a link from text inside some posts, we need to use html tag “a href” . In this post, we will show a simple example of HTML Text links, on click of which you can directly visit the website from the link. Above code, when seen in webpage … Read more