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Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is an author, entrepreneur, and brain coach. He is well known for his learning techniques. After suffering from a childhood accident that impacted his brain, he made it his life mission to teach the techniques which helped him improve his learning.

Life before fame:

Jim’s life changed as a young boy when he had an accident that damaged his brain. He was unable to read or write which caused many challenges in his education. Surprisingly, he learned to read with the help of comic books and it inspired him to find his superpower just like the ones he was reading about.

Walk into the limelight:

Mr. Kwik came into the limelight after launching his website “Kwik Learning” He’s also popular on YouTube due to his video on ImpactTheory. His book “Limitless” captures the essence of his teachings and is a New York Bestseller.

Published Works:

  • Limitless (2020)

Social Media Links:

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