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How to use Amazon Echo Dot / Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker ?

Recently we purchased Amazon Eco dot to play music using voice commands and to use for controlling smart LED lights in our home. While so far all this is working fine, we also identified that Amazon Eco Dot can also be used to play offline music or recordings downloaded on your Android phone (Or possibly any phone connected over Bluetooth might also work) using Bluetooth connections.

This post is for the same which describes how you can pair Eco Dot with your phone using Bluetooth and then stream local music downloaded on phone SdCard to Eco.

Steps to do On Your Phone

Open Settings Application, then open “Connected Devices” -> click on “Pair new device“, now this will Turn On your phone’s bluetooth, make your phone discoverable to Alexa Eco Dot and also search for Alexa.

Step to do for Alexa

Once you have your phone’s BT in discoverable and search mode, instruct Alexa to enter into Bluetooth pairing mode using voice command as,

“Alexa, start Bluetooth Pair”

once Alexa recognizes your above voice command, it till enter to Bluetooth pairing mode and either pair with the device or you will see it as “Eco Dot-R8V” on your phone’s Bluetooth search. You can click on “Eco Dot-R8V” from phone and Alexa will get paired successfully.

Once successfully paired and connected, every-time you will hear a beep after Bluetooth connection.

Now anything you play on your phone will be heard on Amazon Eco Dot.

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