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How to Grant New User Access in Google Analytics ?

If you are an admin to your one of the websites google analytics account and now for some administrative reasons / monitoring you want to give read only permissions to some different user than you, google analytics allows you to add new email Ids and allow them the required permissions.

Normally do not allow an admin permissions to any new user and only give “Read & Analyse Permission” so the new user will just be able to monitor and not do any changes into your account.

Login to your google analytics account from https://analytics.google.com

Once you are logged into dashboard, from “Top Left” corner of dashboard, click on “All Accounts” then select your website Analytics account name, then click name listed in “Properties & Apps” and then click “All Website Data” from views tab.

From the opened page, from “Left Sidebar” at bottom select “Admin” as shown in below image.


Now, click on “User Management” from “Account” Column as shown in above image. From opened page, from Top Right, click on + ( Plus Icon) and then “Add users” as shown below,

Google Analytics

Now, from opened window, enter the email id of new user, verify the permission you want to give and click “Add” from top right as shown below.

Google Analytics

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