Adding Google Recaptcha to yclas register form

This post shows minimum changes required in source code to add google recaptcha in the register form of yclass. Modify themes/reclassifieds3/views/pages/auth/register-form.php to add below code Then modify ./oc/classes/controller/panel/auth.php to make sure that this recaptch check is successful by adding below code, Above code will add recaptcha to user registration for and only if recaptcha is … Read more

Submit your website to Bing Search Engine with Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster

To submit your website to Microsoft Bing search engine, so that people can find your website when then visit Bing, mostly using Microsoft Edge browser and on Windows, you need to register to Bing webmaster tools website. Visit and click on SignIn, you can choose to join using Google gmail login as, Once signin, … Read more

How to register your website with Microsoft Clarity ?

Bing Analytics

Visit and click on “Sign In” , there you will get three options as below for automated signin here, you can choose to select “Sign in to Google” if you already have gmail account. Once you are able to signin, you will see page opened, where you can see the “Add New Project” … Read more

XML file which can be used for rss feed for website

If you want to create a Email subscription using google Feedburner, we will need to have rss.xml which can be added as feed, below is an example of simple xml file which we can upload to website and give as input to feedburner. [html] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>Website Title</title> <link></link> <description>My … Read more

How to use different WordPress theme for Mobile and Desktop website ?


When you have some of your website actively running from long time and was using old WordPress theme, after few months / year, the performance of website starts degrading since recently the user base has shifted to mobile devices and so does the preference of google search engine. Its possible that you are in no … Read more

Checking own IP, ports open, DNS and ping of host / website

Check Open ports of a website / hosting server If we want to check which are the ports open for a website, open website on this website, type the website / IP to which you want to see ports opened and click “Scan” and it shows the result as open / closed ports. Identify your … Read more

How to identify Http request and response header online ?

Recently we wanted to make sure some of our URL’s return 404 error code when user doesn’t find that link. So, to test this we were looking for some online tool which could show us http request and responses headers and we can test to see if our URL returns 404 error code. This is … Read more

Increase website page speed using Image optimisations

In our first port, we listed some tools for identifying pages, images which tooks more time to download. From this post, most useful tool could be “firefox plugin” , check the section “Firefox web-developer toolbar” from that post, to identify images which tooks more time for downloading. 1) Refer GIMP website section “Preparing your Images … Read more

Enable gzip compression to improve website page speed

In our last related post, we listed some tools for identifying which are files consuming more bandwidth for download. The post is at ” Tools for measuring website download / loading speed ” Hope, you have read this before. In this post, we will list some tricks which will help to speed up the website … Read more