Checking own IP, ports open, DNS and ping of host / website

Check Open ports of a website / hosting server If we want to check which are the ports open for a website, open website on this website, type the website / IP to which you want to see ports opened and click “Scan” and it shows the result as open / closed ports. Identify your … Read more

Increase website page speed using Image optimisations

In our first port, we listed some tools for identifying pages, images which took more time to download. From this post, most useful tool could be “Firefox plugin” , check the section “Firefox web-developer toolbar” from that post, to identify images which took more time for downloading. 1) Refer GIMP website section “Preparing your Images … Read more

How to setup 301 redirect from non-www to www ?

If you want to redirect non-www URL to https://www. which improves search engine optimisation rankings, use following .htaccess rule as, Here is what .htaccess solved the problem, How to verify your websites current redirects ? Just type your domain name in and click Trace, or you can also use For more help refer … Read more

How does your website looks on different mobile devices ?


You can check few websites which allows to select devices of various mobile brands and screen sizes and some allows to customise the screen size for your testing. Below is list of those websites, 1) click this link, add your URL on home page, select device of your choice for testing. This is how our … Read more

How to block spam from google analytics ?


There are numerous websites like listed below which generates spam activities on your website, and may completely mess up with Google analytics report to addup to the number of daily visitors which are completely false users. Login to google analytics, go to Acquasition-> All Trafic -> Referrals Copy the name of spaming website, as shown … Read more

How does your website looks like in another country ?

Recently due to some issues, I wanted to know how my website looks like in another country .. there are some ways I had tried to change the location from browser settings, which doesnt seems to worked properly for me ( possible you can find some information and it may work as well 🙂 ) … Read more

Mobile Friendly Test – Check if your website is Mobile responsive

Due to rapid increase in usage of mobile devices, its has become a mandatory strategy to have your website mobile friendly, since more than 50% of user traffic these days comes from mobile devices. First, we need to identify whether our website is mobile friendly or not, recently google changed their algorithm to skip those … Read more

How to Grant New User Access in Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics

If you are an admin to your one of the websites google analytics account and now for some administrative reasons / monitoring you want to give read only permissions to some different user than you, google analytics allows you to add new email Ids and allow them the required permissions. Normally do not allow an … Read more

How to add Google Analytics to track visitors to website ?

Google Analytics3

If you are developing a new website or you already have some website and want to know how many visitors are visiting your website daily, How is the user behaviour on your website, how many of them are visiting on mobile and much more questions can be answered once you add tracking code provided by … Read more

How to Remove a Website from Google Analytics ?

Select Website

If for some reasons your have overcrowded your google analytics account and now want to cleanup some unused / offline websites, follow the below steps for the same. Before proceeding for removing website, please note, You will loose all history from this domain tracked in analytics Once lost, you can’t recover the data. If this … Read more