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Solved: ERROR: ErrorException : Array to string conversion

We have two websites, one which is developed with open classifieds and another with WordPress, since WordPress is always updating and recent versions of WordPress demands latest php version for security reasons. We had to update our PHP version from 5.6 to 7.0 for WordPress compatibility, but as we updated PHP version, our bootstrap based openclassifieds website stopped working with following error,

 ERROR: ErrorException [ 8 ]: Array to string conversion ~ APPPATH/common/modules/pagination/classes/kohana/pagination.php [ 121 ] in oc/kohana/system/classes/Kohana/Kohana/Exception.php:110

The solution for this error was to change line no. 121 from ./oc/common/modules/pagination/classes/kohana/pagination.php as below,

while (isset($config['group']) AND isset($config_file->$config['group']))

Change to as below by commenting code from “AND”

while (isset($config['group']))

Reference : https://github.com/yclas/yclas/issues/1537

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