What are the benefits of Yocto ?

Yocto Recipes

Yocto is designed to compile everything from source code. Yocto itself is not a Linux distribution, but … Read more

What is Yocto ?

Yocto Recipes

The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help … Read more

How Yocto builds software packages ?

Yocto compiles everything from source code. Following are the stages yocto following to prepare binaries / packages … Read more

License Compliance in Embedded Linux with the Yocto


Every recipe which compiles the source code and generates the binaries contains certain mechanism which verifies any … Read more

How to Identify packages generated by the bitbake recipe ?

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How to add timezone info to root filesystem using Yocto ?

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How to add locale into embedded yocto root filesystem ?

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Create yocto recipe using recipetool script

https://dropbear.nl/mirror/dropbear-2015.68.tar.bz2DEBUG: Found bitbake path: ~/Desktop/devlab/poky/bitbakeNOTE: Fetching https://dropbear.nl/mirror/dropbear-2015.68.tar.bz2…DEBUG: unable to extract library name from ld-linux.so.3NOTE: Recipe dropbear_2015.68.bb has … Read more

Yocto: Where temporary source code resides for a package during build

During a build, the unpacked temporary source code used by recipes to build packages is available in … Read more