How to Identify packages generated by the bitbake recipe ?

When trying to add new packages to your root file system image, we need to identify what are packages supported / generated by the bitbake recipe because Root file system images are created from packages.

$ bitbake -e dropbear | grep ^PACKAGES=
PACKAGES="dropbear-dbg dropbear-staticdev dropbear-dev dropbear-doc dropbear-locale  dropbear" 

Looking at this output, it becomes clear that the packages desired for installation on the root file system are “dropbear-dbg dropbear-staticdev dropbear-dev dropbear-doc dropbear-locale  dropbear”

To have “dropbear” in your root filesystem, image recipe must be modified to have these packages installed as below,

IMAGE_INSTALL += "dropbear"

So, We can use a single bitbake command with “-e” to identify packages generated by the bitbake.

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