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Bitbake packages compilation process

Compilation of Any package using bitbake goes through stages as mentioned in below image,

1. do_fetch – This downloads the source code of packages from remote location, use below command to fetch package source,

$ bitbake -c fetch package_name

2. do_unpack – This extracts the source code of tar/zip, use below command to unpack package source,

$ bitbake -c unpack package_name

3. do_patch – This patches the local changes from metadata to the source code, use below command to patch package source,

$ bitbake -c patch package_name

4. do_configure – This configures the source code for compilation, mostly it runs configure script to create a Makefile, use below command to configure package source,

$ bitbake -c configure package_name

5. do_compile – This compiles the source code to create libraries and executables, use below command to compile package source,

$ bitbake -c compile package_name

6. do_stage –

$ bitbake -c stage package_name

7. do_install – This installs the executable, libraries into temp source location, use below command to install package source,

$ bitbake -c install package_name

8. do_package – This creates a .rpm, .deb etc which can be used to later install as standalone package into already existing OS, use below command to package,

$ bitbake -c package package_name

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