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What is Google Adsense Matched Content and benefits of using it ?

Matched content is a free recommendation tool offered by google which helps us to promote contents of our own website on to the pages by displaying as contents which meets the interest of our visitors.

Matched contents are nothing but some kind of interlinking of our own domain and subdomain contents to create an experience for user to show that he is viewing the contents which matches with his interest and Google embedded Adsense Ads in-between the matched contents. In overall matched contents looks something like below,

Matched Content

As you can easily understand from above image, with matched contents google shows its own Ads at 1, 2 and 4 place whereas the contents from our own site are shown at 3, 5 and.

Also, as we can the our website visitor will not be able to easily distinguish the difference between which is the Ad and which are our own contents, thus resulting in,

  • More views to web pages of our own
  • More clicks to Ads resulting in more revenue
  • More time spent on website results to better ranking of website

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