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How to setup Google Adsense Matched Content on your website ?

From our last post, “What is Google Adsense Matched Content and benefits of using it ?” you might have understood how the matched content could look like and its benefits. WIth this post, we will show how to configure/setup your website with matched content Ad unit.

Identify if your website is eligible for matched contents

The first and foremost important is your website has to be eligible for the matched content ad unit. Matched content are not available for all website, we need to meet the criteria of minimum unique web pages and certain number of visitors for meeting the requirement to become eiligible for matched content.

You can identify, if your website is eligible for matched content by logging into google adsense account and from left sidebar, click on “Sites” then if you can see “Matched Content” below the “Overview” then it means some of your website is eligible for matched content. If you click on “Matched content” you will see which website is eligible for the same.

Matched Contents

As, we can see here, one of our website https://www.greenecosystem.in is eligible for matched contents.

As per our understand, for becoming eligible for matched content, your website should have large number of unique pages either through main domain or through subdomains, google doesn’t specify exact eligibility criteria.

How to setup Matched Content Ad code on your website ?

If you are eligible for matched content, you will see one more option added into “Ads” -> “Ad Units” tab as below,


Click on the “Matched Content” tab, and from opened page, you can set the name to this Ad unit, can change the background color, Title text color and click on “Save And Get Code” and copy this Ad code to where you want the Matched contents to be shown on your website.


If you want to further customise the “Matched Content” Ads Unit, Visit google help page at https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/7533385?hl=en

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