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T S Madaan

T S Madaan is an entrepreneur, life coach, and a YouTube celebrity. His YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers and has been working as a Motivational Speaker for over three decades. He has some of the most esteemed clients globally and delivers his speech in Hinglish (a blend of Hindi and English). His topics include Life Skills, Sales, and Physical and Mental Health. He likes to call himself a salesperson more than a motivational speaker.

Life before fame

Mr. Madaan is a graduate of D.A.V. College Amritsar, Punjab. He began his career as an insurance salesperson. During this time, he paid educational institutes to allow him to motivate the students. Due to this, he has a huge following among students as well as young entrepreneurs. He gave his first speech at an age of 22.

Walk into the limelight

T S Madaan began his YouTube channel in his fifties and has so far crossed 11 million subscribers. His entire family is into the content creation business and has achieved success in the field. His channel has more than 1 Billion views and, receives over 500,000 views on most of his videos. Apart from this, he is a very influential speaker in the corporate world. Mr. Madaan also has authored “Asafalta Ka Tyag” which he also released as an audiobook on his YouTube channel. His 4-decade long journey in motivation is still ongoing and is an inspiration to millions of Indians.

Awards received:

  • President of India Medal from President V V Giri
  • Udyog Rattan
  • Certificate of Excellence in Management and Innovation

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