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Shiv Khera

Mr. Shiv Khera is an Author and a Business Consultant. He has authored 15 books including the international best seller “You Can Win” His sessions are based on leadership and attitude. His trademark quote is – “Winners don’t do the different things, they do things differently.”

Life before fame

Born into a coal mine owner family, Mr. Khera had a rocky start due to the nationalization of coal mines. After failing in 3 business ventures himself, he moved to Canada. While there, he made his living by washing cars. He then started selling life insurance wherein he was not very successful either. Soon he attended a seminar by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, one of the best motivational speakers of all time.

Walk into the limelight

After attending the seminar, Mr. Khera moved to the US and started 3 businesses. He sold one of those companies soon after for a profit. This led to his understanding of “making money vs earning money” According to Mr. Khera, making money is criminal whereas earning money is spiritual as earning money requires energy and ethics. His first book, “You Can Win” was a best seller. His 4-decade-long motivational career has been an inspiration to millions around the globe.

Published Books:

  • 2005 – You Can Achieve More: Become Unstoppable And Achieve More
  • 2014 – You Can Win: Empower Yourself And Grow
  • 2018 – You Can Sell: Grow By Mastering The Art Of Selling With Integrity

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