Netdata – Real-time performance monitoring tool for Linux

Recently we encountered with one of the beautiful tool we could get for monitoring Linux’s real time parameters such as CPU usage, RAM usage etc.

This tool monitors following parameters,

  • CPU usage, interrupts, softirqs and frequency (total and per core)
  • RAM, swap and kernel memory usage (including KSM and kernel memory deduper)
  • Disks (per disk: I/O, operations, backlog, utilization, etc)
  • IPv4 networking , IPv6 networking 

and many other parameters, you can check the github documentation for list of more parameters.

Follow, below procedure to install this on your ubuntu PC,

sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev gcc make git autoconf autogen automake pkg-config cmake libtool uuid-dev libelf-dev
 git clone --depth=1 
 cd netdata
 sudo ./ 

This will compile and install netdata tool onto your PC, and also start on localhost.

Now, Type http://localhost:19999/ from your browser.

To stop netdata, just kill it, with:  killall netdata

To start it, just run it: /usr/sbin/netdata


This is how the User Interface Looks like,


References: github code

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