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How to Remount Android Vendor Partition as Read Write ?

Android’s Vendor partition is by default mounted as read only, but if we need to modify some contents of vendor partition during development, we first need to remount the vendor partition as read/write or Writable. Once we mount vendor partition as writable, we can edit, delete or create any file inside /vendor partition.

After Android 10

$ adb root
$ adb remount
$ adb remount /vendor

Above command should return as “remount succeeded” and we can check whether vendor partition is mounted as read/write as,

 $ adb shell mount  | grep vendor

overlay on /vendor type overlay (rw)

we can see permission changed to “rw” from “ro”

now we can create, delete, edit files inside /vendor android partition as required.

Before Android 10

Command to remount system to read,write

 $ adb shell 
 $ su 
 $ mount -o rw,remount /vendor 

Now, do adb any changes, and remount the system back to read only as,

 $ mount -o ro,remount /vendor 

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