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Josh Talks Marathi

Josh Talks Marathi gives a stage to everyone who has achieved something significant in their life to share their experience, learning, failure, and success with the audience. Josh talks Marathi has created over 450 videos. Which translates to over 450 different success stories. This platform shares success stories from the field of sports, business, entertainment, and civil services.

What is Josh Talks Marathi:

Josh Talks serves as a platform through which they present individuals and their story values. Having committed to introducing their stories to the youth by identifying inspiration from various fields (e.g. entrepreneurship, sports, social work, arts, etc.). They are determined to identify the inspiration and present their stories to the youth. It started as a simple council and now has transformed into a movement.

Walk into the limelight:

Josh Talks has visited over 28 cities in India and presented over 500 stories, reaching more than 15 million people. With a goal to motivate young people to dream big and boost their ambitions, they truly have a huge reach. The real-life success stories have indeed inspired many to achieve similar success in life.

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