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Avinash Chate

Avinash Chate is an  Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer & Leadership Coach. He has delivered more than 1000+ speaking programs on various subjects. Education-wise he is a civil engineer. He has created more than 300 YouTube videos on his YouTube channel. He covers topics like public speaking, skills, communications skills, emotional intelligence, success habits, and sales training in his videos. 

Life before fame:

Mr. Chate comes from a family of Doctors & Executive engineers. Due to this, there was the pressure of education during his learning years. As the years went by, he couldn’t cope with the pressure and was detained during his engineering education for low attendance.  

Walk into the limelight:

As of now, he is a master of Construction Management and an expert in more than 20 advanced CAD/CAM software. Mr. Chate started delivering technical lectures to engineering students in 2014. With determination, soon he was delivering more than 250 seminars in a calendar year. He was soon invited as a guest to inspire the corporate workforce. In 2019 he compiled all his knowledge into “The Winning Edge”.

Awards received:

  • Admission Volume Growth Award 2016-2017 in Global Achievers Awards
  • Innovative Marketing Award 2016-2017 in Global Achievers Awards
  • Business Volume Growth Award 2016-2017 in Global Achievers Awards
  • Star Motivational Speaker Award 2018 – Life Star National Awards 2018
  • Expert Speaker Award 2018 – Young Inspirators Network (Sakal Media)

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