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How to use different WordPress theme for Mobile and Desktop website ?

When you have some of your website actively running from long time and was using old WordPress theme, after few months / year, the performance of website starts degrading since recently the user base has shifted to mobile devices and so does the preference of google search engine.

Its possible that you are in no position to change your previous WordPress theme which was majority designed for desktop’s immediately , but still want to have some faster, better rendering f your website in mobile devices..

The in this scenario.. what is the solution ?

There is indeed.. we can use two different themes for same website.. One theme for Desktop’s and another theme for mobile devices.

How to achieve this ?

First decide on the two themes which you want to switch based on desktop and mobile, and install both theme. Activate only the desktop theme, and then we need to install “Any Mobile Theme Switcher” plug-in from settings.

Once you have installed this plugin, go to “Settings” -> “Any Mobile Theme” and then for all the different mobile device types, select the mobile theme you have installed. and click “Save Changes” , now if you visit your website on Desktop browser, you will continue to see your activated theme, and then when you installed same website on mobile, you will see the theme you selected from “Any Mobile Theme” plugin settings.

For example, we had one theme “Interactive” for desktop allready installed, then for mobile devices we installed light weight theme “generatepress” so from settings for all mobile devices we selected “generatepress” instead of “interactive” as below,

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