How to Install a WordPress Theme ?


WordPress is very powerful and Popular software for developing the websites. The most important reason why it became so powerful apart from its opensource and free code is its modular architecture which allows people do develop their Look and Feel or User Interface to the website and add it as just like a module. This … Read more

How to install WordPress on Shared Hosting ?


The prerequisite to this post is you must have WordPress software uploaded to shared hosting, created MySQL database and username as mentioned in post “How to start website with Self Hosted WordPress ?” This post continues from end of post “How to start website with Self Hosted WordPress ?” . Now, visit your website domain … Read more

How to start website with Self Hosted WordPress ?

Download WordPress

The self-hosted version of WordPress software is available for free at download page as mention in this post. Self-hosted WordPress requires purchasing hosting with another provider, such as Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc., and install WordPress software on it. This post helps with all you need to to install and start your website with self hosted WordPress. Download … Read more

How to disable WordPress Admin Bar ?

Sometimes, we want to make sure default wordpress admin bar ( as it looks below ) is not visible to everyone but have users register to our blog. To, disable this, there are multiple ways, but the most easiest way we could identify is to disable this using CSS, identify a code “wpadminbar” some like … Read more

How to Delete WordPress Posts in Bulk ?

Bulk Delete

If you want to delete large number of posts, pages, attachments, users from WordPress in scenarios like you are creating lot of auto generated posts or you have migrated your current website to some other domain etc, in such cases we have been using WordPress Free Plugin called “Bulk Delete“ Note: This posts recommends “Bulk … Read more

Best Related Post WordPress Plugins

When your blog, website has lots of categories, tags and posts, it always help to show your visitors posts, pages which are related to the page/post the user is visiting currently. For wordpress there are lots of free plugin’s for showing related posts. In this post, we are listing some of the best known plugin’s … Read more

How to add WordPress Follow Button for Your Website ?


The ultimate success of your website / blog depends, how we will be able to retain, engage the visitors with our website. The user once comes and goes back from our website, its going to be difficult to bring him back ( seems like a lost ) unless user is really in need of visiting … Read more

How to move WordPress website from http to secure https ?

As you might be knowing google considers http and https websites as two different websites while ranking, hence its always better to have SSL certificate installed as early as possible to your website so that you may not loose the google rankings. To install SSL certificate you have to take help from your hosting provider … Read more

Best Free WordPress Themes

Astra Theme

Do you want to develop a website for your idea ? There are multiple software’s to get started with developing a website. In this post we will list some of the best and tried software’s ( themes and plugins ) from wordpress. ( We found wordpress most convenient for maintaining dynamic websites ) As a … Read more