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How to repair a crashed wordpress posts database table ?

Today suddenly our wordpress based this website stopped working and I received an Jetpack alert that our website is offline.. when I tried to to check by visiting the website, I seen following 3 obervations,

  1. When visited on homepage https://lynxbee.com, I could see an error message as,

2. I had allready logged into dashboard before error occured, so when checked in dashboard, I couldn’t see any posts listed in “Posts” -> “All Posts” .. this really scared me, as don’t know what happened to all my data..

3. As final observation when I tried to check error logs from the website, I could see lots and lots of errors similar to as below,

WordPress database error Table './wp_posts' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed for query SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE ID

So, it seemed somehow the wp_posts database table had got crashed, the reason of which I don’t know..

Solution : The answer to this problem to recover the website is try and repair the database table.. if everything goes fine, you should have your website recovered successfully.. following is the procedure we followed to recover our website..

Login to your cpanel and select phpmyadmin

From phpmyadmin, select your website’s database which is having error and click on the same to expand the tables

Now, select the “wp_posts” table and from bottom “With Selected” click on “Repair table”

Once the table “wp_posts” is repaired, you should see the success message as below..

With above steps we are able to recover our website successfully and immediately website started working with all posts recovered.

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