How to identify IP Address’s of all devices in a network ?

Sometimes someone from within your network starts consuming lot of bandwidth and you just needed to identify how many devices are connected to your network / WiFi. You can easily do it by logging into your router admin panel but what if you don’t have permissions to access the router panel.

In the above scenario, “nmap” comes to our help. As we have seen in our previous posts “Identify all devices in a network using nmap and ARP scan” and “How to get all the details of a device using IP address in Linux/Ubuntu” we had used nmap to get lot of information.

In this post we will just try to display IP address’s of all the devices in a network. If you are using latest ubuntu versions like Ubuntu 18.04, you can install nmap as,

 $ sudo snap install nmap 

Check the IP address of your Desktop/Laptop using ifconfig command, and if your laptop/host IP address is , use with nmap or if your laptop/host IP address is , use with nmap

 $ nmap -n -sP | grep report | awk '{print $5}'

As we can see above, our network currently has 6 devices connected with IP address’s as above.

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