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How to find Broken Links from your WordPress based Website ?

If you are using WordPress for your website and your website has large number of posts, after some time as you work on your website, you keep changing the URL and hyperlinks which introduces the broken links in your website.

Broken links are the URL’s which we have removed from our website but those are continue to remain in use as hyperlink of some text we used in posts. This broken Links adds the bad user experience and users don’t find the links when they click on contents.

To fix those broken links, first we have to identify which are the broken links in your large number of contents from website.

Find Broken Links

Broken links for your WordPress based website can be easily found by installing “Broken Link Checker” WordPress Plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/broken-link-checker/

Once we install this plugin and activate, we can see the list of Broken Links from Left Sidebar by visiting “Tools” -> “Broken Links”

As you can see, we have 35 Broken Links right now for our this website,

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