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How to assign teacher to a course in Moodle ?

  1. Login as Admin user
  2. From “Navigation” click on “Courses”
  3. In Opened list of courses, click on the course to which you want to add a teacher.
  4. After you open course, you will see “Course Administration” in “Administration” block in sidebar.
  5. In that click on “Users” -> “Enrolled users”
  6. You will see a new page opened, with complete list of users enrolled.
  7. Go to the user, to whom you want to add as a teacher to that particular course, and click on “user” icon , then you will see a window like below,

from this window, click on “Teacher” and this user will get added as Teacher to this particular course.

Now, if you logout from admin panel, and check the course , you will see “Teacher: Assigned Teacher Name” displayed there, here you can click on that name to check teacher details.

Now, if the teacher logs in with his username, password, he will get a complete access to “Course Administration” for this specific course to which he is teacher.

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