Best Related Post WordPress Plugins

When your blog, website has lots of categories, tags and posts, it always help to show your visitors posts, pages which are related to the page/post the user is visiting currently. For wordpress there are lots of free plugin’s for showing related posts. In this post, we are listing some of the best known plugin’s … Read more

How to add WordPress Follow Button for Your Website ?


The ultimate success of your website / blog depends, how we will be able to retain, engage the visitors with our website. The user once comes and goes back from our website, its going to be difficult to bring him back ( seems like a lost ) unless user is really in need of visiting … Read more

List of Top PHP Web Application Frameworks

Laravel Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel is accessible, yet powerful, providing tools needed for large, robust applications. A superb combination of simplicity, elegance, and innovation give you tools you need to build any application with which you are tasked.Github Source – Codeigniter CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework … Read more

How to move WordPress website from http to secure https ?

As you might be knowing google considers http and https websites as two different websites while ranking, hence its always better to have SSL certificate installed as early as possible to your website so that you may not loose the google rankings. To install SSL certificate you have to take help from your hosting provider … Read more

Best Free WordPress Themes

Astra Theme

Do you want to develop a website for your idea ? There are multiple software’s to get started with developing a website. In this post we will list some of the best and tried software’s ( themes and plugins ) from wordpress. ( We found wordpress most convenient for maintaining dynamic websites ) As a … Read more

How to stop search engines from indexing WordPress site ?

Ban Search

Recently we developed one WordPress based website for one of our friend, whose primary requirement was to have a website but not let that be indexed by Google, so it shouldn’t appear in Google Search. WordPress allows us to disable the search engine indexing from the settings. This can be done as, Login to your … Read more

PHP : Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted : WordPress


If you are trying to develop some website on shared hosting using wordpress, there are high chances you will encounter following error sometime, This error is mainly due to PHP memory limitations, we get by default for the shared hosting servers. Solution : We need to increase the PHP memory limitations by changing the php.ini … Read more

Solved Moodle Error : Invalid get-string() identifier

Sometime if you login to moodle as administrator, and tries to browse the admin pages, you might see error like below in admin dashboard, Subscribe with Valid Email Id to receive updates in Inbox. ( Secured by Google FeedBurner )     Solution : you need to purge the caches, as following, Go to “Administration” … Read more