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How to add featured image to RSS Feeds in WordPress ?

By default WordPress RSS feed generated doesn’t contain the featured image thumbnail. Due to this limitation when we use our website / blogs rss feed to send automatic email updates or use it in online feed readers, those doesn’t show the featured images in posts summary.

Not having thumbnail along with post summary makes your post only as text and it highly restricts the user’s click conversion rate. Hence to improve this we have to make sure the RSS feed generated by our WordPress based website, contains thumbnail of featured image in it. This post is all about it.

This can be done by two ways…

Method 1

Enable Full text of your post into RSS feed for each newly added post / page. This can be done from the settings as shown in below image,

But enabling full text in RSS Feed may restrict user visiting your website, if they start getting all information in your post into their emails, so ideally we should be sending excerpt of our post along with eye catching thumbnail, so people can visit your website.

Method 2

Use WordPress Plugin “Featured Images in RSS for Mailchimp & More”

Install this plugin and enable it. Once enabled, you can do the settings as below,

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