Best Free WordPress Themes

Do you want to develop a website for your idea ? There are multiple software’s to get started with developing a website. In this post we will list some of the best and tried software’s ( themes and plugins ) from wordpress. ( We found wordpress most convenient for maintaining dynamic websites )

As a starting point for identifying good themes which best suites for your ideas, check the widely used themes from, “WordPress Theme Detector” website, this website lists most widely used wordpress themes, along with an option to check which theme is used by certain website, if that website is built using wordpress. This website is good starting point to look for good known themes.

Below are some of the good themes, which we are currently using and looks very good.

1) Smart Magazine – The Smart magazine theme is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or other editorial websites.

2) Spacious – Spacious is an incredibly spacious multipurpose responsive theme.

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