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adb shell setprop

The adb shell setprop command is used to set a system property on an Android device. System properties are key-value pairs that are used to configure various aspects of the Android system.

Here’s the basic syntax:

$ adb shell setprop <property_key> <property_value>

Replace <property_key> with the name of the property you want to set and <property_value> with the desired value.

For example:

$ adb shell setprop my.custom.property 123

This sets the system property my.custom.property to the value 123.

Keep in mind that modifying system properties should be done with caution, as it can affect the behavior of the device. In some cases, certain properties may be read-only or have restrictions.

To view the current value of a system property, you can use the getprop command:

$ adb shell getprop <property_key>

For example:

$ adb shell getprop my.custom.property

his retrieves the value of the my.custom.property system property.

When working with system properties, it’s important to refer to the Android documentation and device-specific documentation to ensure that you are using the correct property names and values. Modifying system properties is typically done for advanced configuration and customization and may not be necessary for regular Android application development.

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