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adb shell dumpsys SurfaceFlinger

The adb shell dumpsys SurfaceFlinger command is used to obtain information about the status and configuration of the SurfaceFlinger service on an Android device. SurfaceFlinger is responsible for compositing and rendering graphical elements on the screen.

Here’s how you can use the command:

$ adb shell dumpsys SurfaceFlinger

The output will include detailed information about various aspects of the graphics composition, surfaces, and rendering layers on the device. This information can be useful for debugging graphical issues, understanding the current state of the display, and analyzing the rendering performance.

You can also redirect the output to a file for further analysis:

$ adb shell dumpsys SurfaceFlinger > surfaceflinger_dump.txt

This will save the output to a file named surfaceflinger_dump.txt in the current directory.

Keep in mind that the output can be extensive, and interpreting the information may require familiarity with the Android graphics subsystem. Always refer to the official Android documentation and relevant resources for a deeper understanding of SurfaceFlinger and its diagnostic information.

Using dumpsys commands, in general, provides a way to inspect the internal state of various system services on an Android device, which can be valuable for debugging and performance analysis.

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