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adb shell dumpsys activity

The adb shell dumpsys activity command is used to obtain detailed information about the state of the activity manager in Android. This command is often used for debugging and analyzing the current state of activities, tasks, and other components in the Android system.

Here’s an example of how you can use it:

$ adb shell dumpsys activity

When you run this command, it will output a significant amount of information related to activities, processes, tasks, and more. The information provided can be extensive, and it’s commonly used by developers to diagnose issues, check memory usage, and understand the state of the application and system components.

Some of the information you might find in the output includes details about currently running activities, the state of tasks and their affinity, memory usage, and more.

Please note that the output can be quite large, and you might want to redirect it to a file for easier analysis:

$ adb shell dumpsys activity > activity_dump.txt

This will save the output to a file named activity_dump.txt in the current directory.

Always refer to the official Android documentation for the specific details and interpretation of the output from dumpsys activity. The information provided by dumpsys commands can be crucial for diagnosing performance issues, memory leaks, and understanding the overall state of an Android application.

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