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adb shell dumpsys

The adb shell dumpsys command is used to dump detailed information about various system services on an Android device. This command is particularly useful for developers and system administrators to gather diagnostic information and debug issues.

Here’s the basic syntax:

$ adb shell dumpsys [service]

If you don’t specify a service, dumpsys will print information about all available services. If you specify a particular service, it will print information specific to that service.

For example, to get information about the activity manager, you can use:

$ adb shell dumpsys activity

This will output detailed information about the current state of activities and other related information.

Some common services you might want to explore include:

  • activity: Information about the activity manager.
  • battery: Battery statistics and information.
  • package: Information about installed packages and applications.
  • wifi: Wi-Fi status and information.
  • audio: Information about audio services.
  • meminfo: Information about memory usage.

For example, to get memory usage information, you can use:

$ adb shell dumpsys meminfo

Keep in mind that the output can be extensive and may vary between different Android versions and device manufacturers. Always refer to the official Android documentation for the specific information you need.

Additionally, running adb shell dumpsys directly without specifying a service will display a list of available services, and you can then choose a specific service to get detailed information.

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