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Acharya Prashant

Prashant Tripathi, widely known as Acharya Prashant is Advaita Teacher and Author. He is the founder of the PrashantAdvait Foundation. As he teaches ancient literature to students in the form of simple texts and engaging activities, he is very popular among youngsters.

Life before fame:

Acharya Prashant was born in 1978 in Agra. Born into a bureaucrat household, he was exposed to literature. His father’s extensive library helped him have an understanding of the world. As he was a brilliant student, his graduation was completed at IIT Delhi. He also had cleared the UPSC exams however chose to study at IIM Ahmedabad. He was active in extracurricular activities such as the theatre and also taught at an NGO during his stay in Ahmedabad.

Walk into the limelight:

After a few job switches in the corporate world, Aacharya Prashant quit his job and founded the PrashantAdvait Foundation. He initially taught post-graduate students the teachings of ancient texts. Soon he widened his reach via his books and speeches. Due to his easy explanation, his youtube channel now has over 4 million subscribers and his viewership has crossed 900 million views. His published books offer spiritual insights in a simplified manner.

Books published:

  • Introduction to Upanishads
  • India Spirit, Vision, Nation
  • Joy
  • Meditation 24*7
  • Milestones to success
  • Personality The Real Hero Within

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