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What is Web Hosting ?

For any online presence of your business/hobby using website, you need basic two things,

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Platform

We have seen in our another post “How to register Domain Name ?” how you can purchase the domain name for your business. Once you have a domain name, you need to develop a website using any technologies like HTML, BootStrap or WordPress which contains some source code.

Now the question arises.. How does this source code you developed using HTML is associated with the domain name ?

The Answer to this is “Web Hosting” . So web hosting is where you rent some disk space (Memory) from online website hosting service providers and keep your source code there and link Domain Name with the DNS of this hosting provider. So, if someone visits https://yourdomain.com then actual file sent over network would be from your web hosting server where you have purchase space for keeping your source code.

In our next post, we have given more details about what are the different website hosting platforms.

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