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What is the Watermark and importance of Watermark ?

Watermarking is the process of embedding a recognizable mark or pattern onto a digital or physical object, typically an image or document. Watermarks serve several important purposes and are widely used for different applications.

Here are some reasons why watermarking is important:

  • Intellectual property protection: Watermarks are commonly used to protect the copyright and ownership of digital content such as photographs, artwork, or documents. By adding a visible or invisible watermark, the creator can assert their rights and discourage unauthorized use or distribution. If someone attempts to use the content without permission, the watermark acts as a deterrent and can provide evidence of infringement.
  • Branding and identification: Watermarks can be used to promote and establish a brand identity. Companies often add their logos or trademarks as watermarks to their images, videos, or documents. This helps in creating brand recognition and ensures that their content is easily identifiable, even if it is shared or reproduced without authorization.
  • Authenticity and trust: Watermarks can serve as a visual indicator of authenticity and trustworthiness. For example, in the field of digital photography, professional photographers often add watermarks to their images to signify that they are the original creators. This enhances the credibility of their work and prevents others from passing off the images as their own.
  • Deterrence against unauthorized use: Visible watermarks act as a deterrent against unauthorized use or distribution of digital content. The presence of a prominent watermark may discourage individuals from misusing or copying the content, as it can significantly degrade the quality or visual appeal of the material.
  • Attribution and recognition: Watermarks can be used to attribute credit to the creator of a particular work. This is especially relevant in the online world, where content can be easily shared and redistributed. By adding a watermark with the creator’s name or website, it ensures that proper attribution is maintained, and viewers can easily identify the source of the content.
  • Evidence and tracking: Watermarks can also serve as a means of tracking and identifying the source of unauthorized distribution or misuse. In cases of copyright infringement, watermarks can act as evidence to establish ownership and support legal actions if necessary.

Overall, watermarks play a crucial role in protecting intellectual property, establishing brand identity, ensuring authenticity, and deterring unauthorized use. They provide creators with a level of control and recognition over their work in the digital age, where content can be easily copied and shared.

As an example, consider the below image which has a watermark. As you can see we have set the watermark on Camera settings so it can record the time and name on every photos.

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