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Top free User registration WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Member

It is a membership plugin for WordPress. With the help of this plugin, users can sign-up and become members of your website. This helps users to build their user profile. Users can also create advanced online communities and membership sites using their profile. Basically, this plugin can be used to build any website where users are allowed to join.


  • Customizable form – No knowledge of coding is required to create the sign up form for the users. Forms can be built using drag and drop options.
  • Friendly to use– The form is very friendly to use for users as multiple actions and filters can be applied to the form.
  • Show author posts & comments on user profiles – Users can view their post and comments on their profile that helps them to keep a track of their content.
  • Conditional navigation menus – The navigation menus can be conditioned according to the requirement of the user. 
  • Member directories – Member directories are also available for the website builder to keep a track of users registered on their website.

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