Remove all invalid emails, unsubscribed emails or bounced emails from Email List

This post describes how you can use a shell script for removed mistyped or invalid emails from the email list which you have downloaded from your email subscription provider. For example, if a user types his email with invalid characters like space, / , & etc then such emails are not valid and we have to remove such email ids from our list or also duplicated emails to avoid sending multiple emails to same user. This saves our cost to send emails to our subscribers and also to avoid sending emails to bounced emails.

We assume, we have following 3 files,
1. all-exported-emails.txt => this file contains list of all the emails as people have entered in subscribe form.
2. unsubscribed.txt => contains list of emails of people unsubscribed
3. bounced.txt => contains list of emails which we have already tried previously sending and have bounced.

 $ vim 
[bash] #!/bin/bash sort -u all-exported-emails.txt > unique.txt #bash unique.txt rm -rf final.txt while read line do NEW_MAIL=$line #remove unwanted character from email if [ "$NEW_MAIL" == "${NEW_MAIL//[\,\’ ]/}" ] then check=$(grep -r $NEW_MAIL unsubscribed.txt) if [ "$check" = "$NEW_MAIL" ]; then echo "email $NEW_MAIL found in unsubscribed.txt" else check2=$(grep -r $NEW_MAIL bounced.txt) if [ "$check" = "$NEW_MAIL" ]; then echo "email $NEW_MAIL found in bounced.txt" else echo $NEW_MAIL >> final.txt fi fi else echo "email $NEW_MAIL contains space, comma or quote.. hence ignoring" fi done < unique.txt [/bash]
 $ bash 

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