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Register for Amazon Product Advertising API

If you are planning to monetize your website using amazon affiliate and then instead of integrating the amazon products manually , you can automate the product listing on your website using Amazon product advertising API’s.

After you register to API’s You get access to a lot of the data used by Amazon including the items for sale, finding items, product promotions, Build your own web store to sell Amazon items,

To request for access to Amazon Product Advertising API you must:

  • Have completed 3 qualifying sales in 180 days.
  • Have an approved associate account.
  • Comply with the associates programme Operating Agreement.

Once you have meet the above requirements, then Login to https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/

After you login to your Amazon Associates account, in the Amazon Associates page, choose Tools and then choose Product Advertising API.

Since, we have not yet got approval for this API, we will update this post further as and when we get approval.

Reference : https://webservices.amazon.com/paapi5/documentation/

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