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Les Brown

Born in Florida, USA, Mr. Brown is a legendary motivational speaker. From mentoring Fortune 500 CEOs to students, Mr. Brown has a worldwide following. With his high-energy speeches to life lessons, Mr. Brown has amassed a huge following on social media as well. With lessons learned in his own life, Mr. Brown has impacted millions to achieve their dreams.

Life Before Fame:

Mr. Brown comes from very humble beginnings. His early childhood was difficult as he was labeled an ‘Educable Mentally Retartded’ student and was classified the same way throughout his school life. He then attended a seminar for graduating students and was inspired to change his way of life.

Walk into the limelight:

After graduating college, Mr. Brown wanted to work as a radio jockey but could not get any employment for the same. He then turned to his mentor with his problem and was provided a simple solution. As you will learn from his speeches, he did turn his life around and found a career in inspiring everyone else to follow their dreams.

Published Works:

  • Live Your Dreams: Say “YES” To Life
  • It’s Possible
  • You’ve Got To Be HUNGRY: The GREATNESS Within to Win
  • The Motivation Master Course

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