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How to override the value of a property in DTS ?

With the continuation of our previous post, where we tried to understand the syntax of DTS files, in this post we will try to understand.. how the values of a property can be override by another property in the same or different file.

This understanding is required because, when the source has been written by some one else, people tend to keep the already written source as is and whatever modification they want to write, they write it as property:values which can override the current code.

Suppose we have a node as below,

serial0: serial@101F0000 {
	compatible = "arm,pl011";
	status = "disabled";

and it is written in “serial.dtsi” input / header file.. now if we want to override the value of “status” from disabled to “ok” from main DTS file, then this can be done as,

&serial0 {
        status = "ok";

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