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How to create custom Boot Logo for Android ?

Prerequisite : Before starting, a bootup picture will be needed with below specs: BMP format, should be one of:

  • 16bit RGB565 BMP format
  • 24bit RGB888 BMP format
  • Resolution <= 1080P (1920 * 1080)

Here, we will use the centred image with resolution as, 360*360px. Check with your android device what is the resolution its using for creating boot logo.

To create bootup.bmp, follow below procedure,

  1. Open image you want to show as bootup logo with gimp, ( Select Image, Right Click, Open with Gimp )
  2. From Menu, “Image” -> “Scale Image” to 360*360.
  3. From Menu, “File” -> “Export Image” .
  4. From “All Export Image”, select “Windows BMP Image”
  5. Click “Export”
  6. From Opened Dialog, Click “Compatibility Options” and Select “Do not write color space information”
  7. From Advanced Options, Select “16 Bits -> R5 G6 B5” and click “Export”
  8. You should see “bootup.bmp” created.
  9. type “file bootup.bmp” and you should see it as “data”

Now copy this bootup.bmp to your android and generate the images to flash which will use the updated boot logo.

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