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How to Block Websites on Airtel XStream ZTE Fiber Router ?

Securing the home network is very important, given the fact that almost all family members now use the shared internet by connecting to one WiFi router. We need to filter the contents, block some unwanted addictive, gaming, pornography / Adult Contents websites so that Kids are not exposed unexpectedly to the unfiltered contents.

There are two ways to block the websites with the home router.

1. Block websites using OPENDNS

With opendns you can mostly block the websites which are widely recognized as spam, adult contents etc.

but with rapidly changing internet and its content, there are some websites still are not blocked by opendns and those can be accessed from your home network and also if you want to block certain websites which are not spam but you just don’t want your home people to access those websites like for example gaming websites.

This is where, the second option is useful.Block Website

2. Block Single Website

To do this, login to your Airtel Xtream using IP address

Then follow the below steps from point 1 to point 8 to block YouTube website youtube.com ( For demo, we have shown with YouTube, you just change point 6 & 7 with the actual website you want to block )

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