Checking own IP, ports open, DNS and ping of host / website

Check Open ports of a website / hosting server

If we want to check which are the ports open for a website, open website on this website, type the website / IP to which you want to see ports opened and click “Scan” and it shows the result as open / closed ports.

Identify your machine’s public IP address

If we want to check what is the IP address of your machine using online tool, open the URL,
and it will show you what the the current public IP assigned to your PC.

Check DNS settings of a website

If you want to see the DNS settings of certain website, use the following website,
and it shows you the details DNS settings.

Check if you can ping to your website

If you wan to see whether you can ping some machine / server / website, you can use below website,
type your domain / IP and click “Ping” to see whether it pings or not.

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