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Checking own IP, ports open, DNS and ping of host / website

Check Open ports of a website / hosting server

If we want to check which are the ports open for a website, open websitehttp://en.dnstools.ch/port-scan.html on this website, type the website / IP to which you want to see ports opened and click “Scan” and it shows the result as open / closed ports.

Identify your machine’s public IP address

If we want to check what is the IP address of your machine using online tool, open the URL, http://en.dnstools.ch/show-my-ip.html
and it will show you what the the current public IP assigned to your PC.

Check DNS settings of a website

If you want to see the DNS settings of certain website, use the following website,http://en.dnstools.ch/dns-nameserver.html
and it shows you the details DNS settings.

Check if you can ping to your website

If you wan to see whether you can ping some machine / server / website, you can use below website,http://en.dnstools.ch/online-ping.html
type your domain / IP and click “Ping” to see whether it pings or not.

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