Ubuntu doesn’t detect WiFi Access Point


Recently I came across very different problem when I moved to a place where there was few more access points, my laptop had Ubuntu 14.04. [ Note: Users has reported that this issue is on latest Ubuntu versions also ] Check your Ubuntu version as, I could see lot of other access points in my … Read more

Implementing Backup and Restore mechanism using BUP in Ubuntu

BUP is a program that backs things up. It’s short for “backup.” BUP is a Very efficient backup system based on the git packfile format, providing fast incremental saves and global deduplication (among and within files, including virtual machine images). In, simple words, you can use “bup” to take backup of something at one place or … Read more

How to disable and / or enable ICMP ping from Linux host ?

To disable the ICMP ping from certain Linux host, lets say which has IP of use below command, Type below command on the console of linux PC on which you are trying to enable / disable the ping. Now, if you try to ping to same machine, we will get something like below, Now … Read more

How to Change Hostname for Ubuntu Machine ?

Recently, we wanted to change the hostname of our Ubuntu machine, Lets, check now what is current hostname, So, its set to “new-hostname” Now, to change the hostname lets say “my-netbook”, user the command as, Now, open a new terminal and verify that its changed, So, its now changed 🙂 In certain case, using sudo … Read more

Fix : Lost Sudo user in Linux

Add “Sudo” user If somehow you Lost a “sudo” user which happened to me today, after upgrading Ubuntu, you can recover the sudo used by following below commands, switch to root user, Now, after successful reboot, you should have a “sudo” user as your “username” Subscribe with Valid Email Id to receive updates in Inbox. … Read more

How to recover data / folder deleted with rm -rf ?

Today Accidentally I deleted one of my folder in ubuntu which has contained important files, but I wanted to copy those to another machine by tarring it, while there was another archive / tar with same name, I wanted to delete that .tar but deleted folder resulting deleting very important files. To recover those files … Read more

How to install Apache webserver on Ubuntu ?

The Apache HTTP Server is a open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows. Apache provides a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards. This post details, how you can install and setup the apache webserver on Ubuntu. Install Apache Webserver Once above … Read more

Create a bootable USB pen drive on Ubuntu

The first step to install Ubuntu on your laptop/desktop is for us to create the bootable pendrive which contains the Ubuntu operating system required for installing Ubuntu. Download the required iso from http://releases.ubuntu.com/ , recent versions of Ubuntu is 21.10 Now, connect the pen drive you want to format to create bootable disk to install … Read more