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adb uninstall

If We want to uninstall the apk, using adb, we need to know the package name of the application. Using package name, use below command. [ Note: we considered the package name as “com.android.helloword” , you can use your application package name ]

 $ adb shell pm uninstall com.android.helloworld 


 $ adb uninstall com.android.helloworld 

Now, lets say you have a development board / device and you want to know where the application/service is installed as part of system apps, and want to delete this permanantly, then use the below procedure,

 $ adb shell 
 $ su 
 $ mount -o rw,remount /system 
 $ cmd packages com.android.helloworld 

Above command will return, where this helloworld system application in installed in /system/app OR /system/priv-app


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