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adb shell pm path

First we need to identify whether the package we are looking for to identify apk name has been installed or not. For example, we are looking for a package “com.linkedin.android” which is a Linkedin android application.

 $ adb shell cmd package list package | grep linkedin 

If this command returned like “package:com.linkedin.android” it means the application has been installed and command returned with the package name. If the application is not installed above command will return empty.

Now, using the above package name, we can identify the path as,

$ adb shell pm path com.linkedin.android                                    

Since this is an application installed from playstore, it shown the path in /data/app, now lets identify the location of any system application.

$ adb shell
$ cmd package list package | grep launcher                                       
$ pm path com.android.launcher3

This shown the path of the launcher on Nokia 7+ mobile.

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