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adb shell pm clear

The adb shell pm clear command is used to clear the data associated with a package. This command is particularly useful during Android app development and testing.

Here’s how you can use it:

$ adb shell pm clear <package_name>

Replace <package_name> with the actual package name of the app whose data you want to clear.

For example, if you want to clear the data for an app with the package name com.example.myapp, you would use:

$ adb shell pm clear com.example.myapp

Keep in mind that using this command will remove all data associated with the specified app, including preferences, databases, and other files stored by the app. After running this command, the app will be in a state as if it was just installed.

Also, ensure that the device is connected to your computer and that USB debugging is enabled. Additionally, make sure that ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is properly set up on your computer.

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