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Top Open Source Software Technology Trends for 2021 and later

Cloud/Container Technologies 

Applications are safer in containers. A container is a standard unit of software. It packages up code and all its dependencies. By doing so the application runs quickly and reliably. The application can run from one computing environment to another.

AI/Machine Learning 

An AI-enabled system is programmed. It works in a way that it simulates human behavior. ML creates self-learning algorithms. AI It mimics human intelligence. By doing so it solves complex problems. AI Systems that functions as units of “thinking machines”.


The measure of assurance in the freedom from danger to an open-source software system is known as security. It is a methodology to provide users better visibility into the open source inventory of their applications. If there is a problem then a company can open it up and fix it immediately.


 Linux is an operating system. Linux source code is freely available. It is community based development project. Linux is a multiuser system. Multiple users can access the system resources. Linux is a multiprogramming system. Multiple applications can run at same time on Linux.


Networking is an activity that connects related system. It is important in Networking that standards exist to manage this communication. Functions like firewalls, caching, routing, security services are included in networking. Networking of computers is achieved through software abstractions instead of specialized hardware.

Edge Computing 

Edge computing is a distributed and open IT architecture. It features decentralised processing power. It enables mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Here, the data is processed by the device itself. The data can also be processed by a local computer or server.


Blockchain is a list of records, called blocks. Blocks are linked using cryptography. It facilitates the process of recording transactions. It is a decentralized and distributed ledger. Many people can write entries into a record of information using Blockchain.

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